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Choosing a Recording Studio that Fits Your Needs

The decision to work with professional recording studios is a big deal and the choice shouldn’t be left up to chance. Great tips and advice will put you on the right course towards the best recording studio in Orlando.

You already have the songs and the miles, there are numerous gigs in your experience record and fans follow your every update on various platforms so it’s the perfect time to record professionally. The first question that may come to mind is “how will I choose out of all the available recording studios?” A lot is hanging on making the right choice; this will either make or break your career.

It involves a lot more than reading the name of the recording studio and going for the one that seems ‘okay’; it’s a left-brain and right-brain activity. Practical and emotional aspects should be considered and below are just some of the factors:

The People at the Studio

Set aside time and get to know people behind the studio like the staff and especially the owner. In case you still don’t have an audio engineer, talk to the one working at the recording studio to see if you can work something out. Have a chat about experiences, opinions and music to see if your ideas align well. Address areas that may seem incompatible and ask yourself if these incompatibilities will be a hindrance in working together or if it will bring a brand new perspective on the table.

The Studio’s Facilities

Basically, there are two sides when deciding if facilities fit your needs and those are the inspirational and practical sides. Begin by asking yourself a couple of practical questions like the size of the live room, the available of isolation rooms and their location and also if there are any restaurants and hotels nearby for convenience.

On the inspirational side of things, there are questions like how much you like the vibe of the recording studio, if you like the way things sound there, will you be comfortable performing there and if there are spaces for relaxing during breaks.

Equipment Available at the Studio

Assessing the equipment of the studio is essential especially in determining if they can actually provide everything you want and need in a recording. Do they offer quality professional recording equipment, are there any vintage gear, is the mic collection sufficient, what are their multiple monitoring systems for playbacks and so on.

The Rates of the Studio

The budget for the recording or the funds available is an extremely important factor to consider. But do remember that the most budget-friendly rates don’t automatically equate to low quality and studios that cost a small fortune won’t essential mean the best results in the world. The key is knowing where you’re comfortable with in terms of budget and the services that are offered at that price point.

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